General information

The main task of the proposed high-performance furnace LGM is glass lamination using EVA film, TPU, SGP. Lamination process is based on the certain temperature cycle programming which depends on the glass thickness and type of used film. The vacuum system allows to achieve total vacuum inside silicone bags containing glass sheets and film for correct and proper laminating and high quality of end-product. This technology of lamination is very simple, you need the furnace and understanding of film properties to make correct program.

Such glass lamination technology enables to produce safe laminated glass of the following types:

  • Fireproof.
  • Bulletproof.
  • Anti-vandal.

To produce decorative safe laminated glass, it is possible to use colored EVA film, décor materials, PET, glass with photo printing and film for smart glass. Decorative materials vary in structure and size. For lamination technology heat-resistant materials which can withstand high temperatures are used most commonly.

Configuration of the furnace:

  • Two independent heating and cooling chambers.
  • Two working tables with two silicone bags for each chamber.
  • Remote control (PLC).

Heating system

Heating is carried out with upper and lower heating tubes made of Inconel. The convection system distributes uniformly the hot air inside the furnace using six independent fans in each chamber. The temperature and time settings are set on the controller for each chamber.

Vacuum system

To pump to end vacuum in the silicone bags – two oil pumps are used which are connected to two compressors by separate valves. The compressor will maintain the vacuum level in the silicone bag until the end of the cycle in the case of a power outage.

Control system:

  • Touch Screen panel of PLC.
  • All programs are configurated automatically.
  • Temperature and process time settings are assigned according to the glass thickness.
  • Heating time can be controlled by the operator in the program.

Cooling system

Cooling section – an additional section with 3 industrial fans which provides uniform cooling of the glass after lamination. This technology reduces the production cycle time by 30%.

Silicone bags with tubes for vacuum packing of glass before lamination

Silicone bags with a thickness of 3 mm can withstand temperatures up to 200 °C. The maximum thickness of glass to be laminated is up to 80 mm. Each silicone bag is equipped with a Teflon mesh. Teflon mesh is used to protect the bag from cuts and to remove air during vacuuming process.  The width of mesh is 3200 mm, cell size is 4 mm.

The main advantages of the Evolam film

Today Evolam film is one of the most modern and technological products for production laminated glass on the polymers market.


  • High transparency of end-product.
  • The ability to be used at two different temperature settings: at 80 °C and 135 °C.
  • Can be used at low temperature to laminate “delicate” inserts such as PET film or print.
  • Not Hygroscopic.
  • High adhesion, especially for lamination with other materials: PET, metal, wood, etc.
  • The possibility of storage without environmental chamber.
  • The possibility of application for exteriors and interiors: EVA film Evolam has long-term endurance and blocks more than 98% of UV radiation.
  • Great production and economic efficiency.
  • The possibility of using Evolam with the maximum number of “inserts”, including difficult technological ones like solar panels (solar cells), LCD modules, LED film, electrically heated glass.
  • The possibility of using bend laminated glass.
  • Compliance with all European Standards, including standards for architectural glass.

Preparation and storage of Evolam film

  • Evolam film comes in special packaging that protects it against contact with UV rays. The film is wrapped with foam, ensuring the safety of the roll during transportation and storage.
  • The roll is additionally packed in a cardboard or wooden box (depending on the item).
  • The film should be protected by the user from high temperature and light during the storage period. The storage temperature should not exceed 35 °C.
  • Do not place heavy objects on top of the plastic wrap. Do not place more than six wooden boxes of film on top of each other.
  • The storage period of the film should not exceed one year.

Technical characteristics

  • Glass size, max: 5000 х 2500 mm.
  • Rated power: 75 kW.
  • Weight: 4500 kg.
  • Perfomance: 288 m2.