Architectural laminated glass is the most used material in the area of multistoried building construction. Laminated glass named triplex and produced with EVA type of film is considered as the most technologically advanced product of our time. It is resistant to humidity, UV and has the maximum Cross Link value making a real difference from laminated glass with PVB film. The glass lamination technology with EVA film combines safety and easiness of production process.

You use two glass sheets, two film layers between the glass and any kind of decorative material in the middle —wood, paper, metal etc. It gives the endless combinations of design for the end customer. Company YUTA developed the high-performance equipment as the Glass Laminating furnace to cover the market needs and meet the customers requirement of machine that expand the production opportunities.

With laminating furnace you open the widest range of end-product for the market like Smart glass, full Safety glass range, designed triplex with different inserts etc.Company YUTA applies the modern technological decisions to produce the high-performance equipment of the stable quality.



One of the main customers’ requirementis the high performance of the furnace for the architectural glass production. To achieve the best results, we designed the equipment with separate heating and cooling chambers. The lamination process takes place in the working chambers of the furnace while the cooling stage is moved to the separate buffer rack. Therefore, we ensure the continuous lamination cycle freeing the furnace chamber for the next batch while the laminated glass left at the cooling section. It is the key difference from the standard lamination technology used by other producers.

2)The heating system.

The convection equipment of the heating system allows to distribute the hot air and receive uniform temperature on the workpiece surface. Results are faster cycles, better heat transmission and eliminating of product failure.

3)Modular system.

The furnace is designed as modular system with basic set of units and additional chamber that can be supplemented to the basic equipment later to increase its performance. The basic units and additional chamber will have the unified control system. The maximum allowable set has 6 loading tables.


Control&Regulation treatment of the lamination process is managed automatically for the following parameters: the heating speed, the process time at the heating chamber, the working temperature level, the vacuum level.

5)Quality control.
All main units of the furnace like heating, vacuum and cooling systems past the double quality control during the production.

6)Delivery conditions.
The heating chambers of the furnace are disassembled into several parts for the easier transportation, loading and unloading processes.


1. Heating chamber.

The heating chamber is equipped with heating tubes to insure crossover air convection. The convection system distributes the hot air inside the furnace using independent fans in each chamber. Such technical decision gives the best temperature uniform withminimal deviation even at the pre-heating step. De-pending on the furnace size the chamber is equipped with 6-10 convection fans which allows to use 2 tables in one chamber and receive the uniform heating of the workpiece.

2.Vacuum system.

The vacuum system of the furnace is designed to control the vacuum value automatically at the different stages of lamination process. The vacuum control is managed from the software and allows to switch off or disconnect the vacuum segment by segment of the program, minimizing and eliminating typical vacuum overpressure defects such as perimeter bumps and drops. The customer receives the end product of the high quality, without optical defects of transparent or color film at the triplex.

3. Control panel.

Control panel with Touchscreen and PLC is supplied with specific software to set and control four key parameters of the lamination process at each stage as:

  • the heating speed,
  • the process time at the heating chamber,
  • the working temperature level,
  • the vacuum level.

The software is supplied with 20 programs set by the furnace producer to optimize the lamination process for the customer.

4. Insulation.

The heating chambers are lined with specials and wich panel sand fibre insulation material, which allows to decrease the energy consumption comparing with another models of laminating furnaces offered at the market.

5. Cooling buffer rack.

The furnace is designed with separate cooling buffer rack where laminated glass can be unloaded from the heating section and left in the silicone bag until it cools completely. By having this rack the cooling process is done independently of the effective laminating operating time in the furnace chamber and the production cycle time is reduced by 30%. The buffer rack has the placefor three loading tables and several industrial fans which provides uniform cooling of the glass after lamination.


The furnace is supplied with set of silicone bags of 2 or 3mm thickness which the customer can choose at the order. Every bag has rubber roll for closure, silicone pipeand vacuum connectors.

  • The bags can be used at the temperature up to 200°C.
  • The maximum thickness of glass to be laminated is up to 80 mm.
  • Set of bags consists of 6 pcs.
  • Bag size: 4350 х 2350 mm.

7. The furnace is equipped with an independent protection circuit against overheating and electric current surges.

8. Automatic lifting platform.

The hydraulic lifting platform is positioned automatically to the level of the loading tables slots in side the heating chambers of the furnace.Here with the loading tables with glass packed at the silicone bags and prepared for lamination process can be moved easily to the furnace.The platform is equipped with protection system against unplanned lowering and independent control panel.

  • Maximum platform capacity is 2 tons.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) is 4500 x 2450 x 600 mm.

9. Warranty.

The warranty period is 12 months. It covers main equipment units, excluding life-limited parts as silicone bags, pump filters, gaskets etc. The extended warranty of 24 months can be offered at the additional cost.