About us

SIA lammitech

SIA Lammitech company was founded by a team of professionals with rich experience in glass lamination process with EVA film. We combined our knowledge of materials for lamination, the best suppliers of film and production facilities to offer the high-tech solutions to the customers as Trading and Manufacturing company.

We can provide the market with the complete range of products for glass lamination as equipment, film and accessories under our brand Lammitech, and consulting services to adjust the total operating process at the customer’s factory.

Our range of products includes:

  • High-tech equipment – Furnaces for glass lamination.
    We offer equipment depending on customer’s requested production volume: with 1 or 2 working chambers, cooling section from 1 to 3 positions for finished glass. All furnaces are equipped with a loading table for easier and more convenient loading/unloading operations. The presence of the PLC controller panel makes it easy to adjust the operating cycles.
    All furnaces are produced at our manufacturing factory placed in Russia.
  • All types of EVA film for glass lamination as:
    Colored – opaque and transparent,
    Standard transparent film of different types – with high and low UV filter, adhesion level, noiseproof level, for armored glass and others.
    Smart film (electrochromic)
    We are ready to help you with adjustment of operating process and to find the best solutions for your needs.
  • Accessory materials for lamination process:
    – silicon bags with tubes for vacuum packing of glass before lamination
    – sealants
    – high-resistant tape
    – thermal knifes and blades.

By becoming our partner, you not only receive a quality product and service, but also acquire like-minded team who are passionate about their business!


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