About EVA

EVA film named EVOLAM is based on ethyl vinyl acetate and developed to produce laminated glass. It has a long service life, high transparency and maintaining performance at temperature range from 80 to 120°C unlike other types of the film. Laminated glass with EVA film is used for architectural glazing of buildings and interior decoration of offices.


  • Possibility to insert any decorative elements between sheets of EVA film – wood, iron, fabric, PET, etc.
  • Availability of Certification on passing the tests on the possibility of using the material for external architectural application.
  • Increased resistance to high temperatures and humidity compared to PVB film.
  • Better cohesion with glass and aluminum, especially with PET.
  • The ability to laminate the glass at low temperatures, making it easier to work with decorative materials that are difficult to use at high temperatures, such as PET, digital printing and wood. Can be used in various fields: in the production of standard laminated glass, safety and curved glass, solar panels, liquid crystal displays, etc.